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Here is an announcement from Big Brainz that I think is of interest, also, if you’d like to link to Big Brainz click here.

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At last! The Division Expansion Pack includes the same great Timez Attack entertainment, but incorporates all new curriculum that ensures instant recall of division facts. To try it, just downloadthe latest version of Timez Attack.  Th e base version of division is automatically included.
Base Version Free!
So that we can keep helping ALL kids regardless of budgets or income, we’re again providing our base version absolutely free. To thank those who have generously purchased a Timez Attack upgrade, current owners automatically get a $10 discount off Deluxe until June 30th.  (Just use the same email) Division Screenshot 2
Spread the Word
Our goal is to make an unbelievable new generation of educational software that’s available to everyone. If you like what we’re doing, please take a minute to tell your friends. Email, Blog, Facebook, whatever. Your referral is better than all the advertising in the world. Thanks!
The Research Says it All
Research Results We also are just wrapping up a nationwide Pilot Study for the year and the results are both astounding and undeniable.

We ran a whopping 15,000 students from 500 districts through Timez Attack. First we found that most students know only 1/4 of their facts in 3rd grade and less than half by 4th grade. Fortunately, after Timez Attack, students had practically perfect mastery of all their facts!

It looks like we’ve finally succeeded in curing core multiplication problems!

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that Addition and Subtraction are coming this fall. We’re not quite sure when we’ll release it, but it’s definitely going to be amazing! We’ll shoot you another email when it’s ready.

Check it out.


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