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Here are the resources related to the workshop titled “Gamification and Immersive Learning.”

Defining Gamification

Articles and Blog Entries of Interest

Gamification is about Design, Not Technology

Playing with the Definition of Game-Thinking

8 Types of Stories to Effect Change

Storytelling and Instructional Design

Instructional Games and Narrative

Eight Game Elements to Make Learning More Intriguing

Rewards of Glory

Competition and Cooperation in Gamification

Games, Gamification and the Quest for Learner Engagement

Gamification, Separating Fact from Fiction

Show the Learner Visible Signs of Their Learning

In Gamification, More Competitors Equal Less Competition

Measurement and Completion Achievements in Gamification

Goal Orientation in Gamification


Piano Stairs

Speed Camera Lottery

Related Discussion about Gamification

Crystal Balling with Learnnovators (Part 1)

Crystal Balling with Learnnovators (Part 2)

iPad for Educators Discussion about Gamification and Learning

Gamasutra Interview about Gamification

Polling Software

Poll EveryWhere


To learn more about gamification and games for learning:

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