Learn About Grant Writing for Educators: Second Lynda.com Course is Live

Throughout my academic career, I’ve focused on studying games and instructional technology and unfortunately creating either one is not cheap. In fact, they can cost lots of money. Fortunately, over the years I’ve learned to write grants and have been pretty successful both in writing grants myself and as a member of a grant writing team. Plus I teach a course at Bloomsburg University about writing proposals (for over 18 years) and have even written a book on proposal writing so I’ve had my fair share of great grant writing outcomes and bitter disappointments.


I’ve combined all those years of knowledge into a course I am very excited about “Grant Writing for Educators.” It is another Lynda.com course and it provides a great resources for anyone who wants to explore the world of grant funding.

Here is a short video talking about the course.

The course covers:

  • Where to find grant funding sources
  • The parts of a grant
  • Collaborating on grants
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Grant Writing Tips


The course also provides samples of successful grants and some worksheets to help you get started. So if you are curious about how to raise money for your academic institution in these tough financial times, consider taking a look at the course. And if you are responsible for other academics writing grants, this is a good course to introduce to them. It will help them get into a grant “mindset.”

And here is a little sneak peak on what happened “Behind the scenes” at the shooting of the “Grant Writing for Educators Course.”

If you are not a member of Lynda.com (and you should be) get a FREE TRIAL HERE!

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  1. Rhyon Whittle March 16, 2015

    Hey Karl, thanks for putting this out; I will go ahead and sign up for the free trial so I can access this course. I have a bunch of grants to write (child advocacy, at risk populations, and arts/ music type stuff that I sourced through organizedtext.com ) and this course will be useful and educational. More power to you!

    • Karl Kapp March 17, 2015

      Good luck with the grants and let me know when you win them!!! Hope this course is helpful and plays a small roll in your success.