A Few Good Resources on Instructional Design

The other day I was asked if I knew any good resources on instructional design and so here is a short list. If you know of any other great ID resources, please add them in the comments.


Not specifically about the ADDIE process but two great research-based design books. I refer to these over and over again.

Classic Academic Books in the Field
This is a total classic but buy it used.

Quickie Version of Instructional Design

Great References of Lots of ID Information
Look for a chapter on gamification in the next version of “Theories and Models.”

Other Views on Designing Instruction

Non-Book Resources

Here are some videos on the ADDIE process (it is the process many people are taught when it comes to designing instruction–Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation.)

Here is a nice video on Conditions of Learning (mentioned above as a book)

Web Sites
Here is a web site providing information on different Instructional Design Models

Instructional Design site with lots of good information

List of a number of ID Models

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