I am the assistant director and faculty member at Bloomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies (IIT). I teach the following courses:

  • Managing Multimedia Projects
  • Applying Theories of Learning for Interactive Technologies
  • E-Learning Concepts and Techniques
  • Learning in 3D

I believe teaching/education/learning is an interactive exchange between students and the instructor that can take place both within and outside of the classroom or online environment.

My graduate level teaching reflects my belief that learning and understanding stems from interaction. All of my classes and/or courses include a problem-based learning approach. This approach requires learners to conduct original thinking, thinking outside the box, and problem identification and analysis. I don’t “give answers” instead; I guide individuals to their own conclusions, their own answers, and their own learning.

Learners must interact with the material and apply theory to gain answers. Theory is important but practical application is critical to success. My instructional methods can be challenging at times and require a tremendous amount effort, however, the results are phenomenal–almost 100% employment rate of students leaving the graduate program.

My instructional and learning methodologies ensure that knowledge is retained, learning is applied and results are visible.

Karl Kapp
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