Understanding Technology and People

I provide a number of consulting services. My area of expertise is Needs Assessment and e-learning implementations. I apply a systematic method of determining the technology and learning needs of an organization in a variety of areas. In fact, several e-learning companies have me on retainer to help them deal with e-learning issues or questions that arise from time-to-time. And clients in all industries partner with me so I can assist them with various e-learning needs from LMSs to RFPs.

Determining Organizational Learning Needs

Most organizations do not have a comprehensive learning strategy. Training efforts are piecemeal and unorganized. The training function of an organization is typically the last target area for process improvement, if at all. My three day needs assessment of organizational learning needs focuses on existing curriculum, overall training architecture, and the strategic goals of the organization. If the training function and the strategic goals are not aligned, problems arise. The results of this assessment are a written report and a presentation to top level executives in both the training department and in operations. This evaluation process has saved companies thousands of dollars by eliminated unneeded training programs while creating needed programs which contributed thousands of dollars to the bottom line.

E-Learning Implementations

Many organizations want to implement e-learning strategies but don’t know where to start. What software to purchase? What if technology needs to be in place? Can our traditional designers be re-tooled to design e-learning? Can subject matter experts be e-learning developers? Are we headed in the right direction? What should we keep as standup and what should be e-learning?¬†This needs assessment addresses these and many more questions that arise. The results of this assessment is a written strategy document that can be used to start the e-learning process and a presentation describing the finer points of the document and clarifying action items. This process has saved companies time and resources by providing a realistic e-learning implementation plan that maximizes resources and minimizes predictable, common mistakes.

E-Learning/RFP Vendor Selection Coaching

To help organizations navigate the difficult task of identifying needs, developing an e-learning RFP and determining which vendor is right for the organization, I have developed a methodology that has proven successful for a number of organizations. I will act as a coach to guide your organization through the e-learning business acquisition process. My experience on the “vendor” side of software sales as well as my knowledge of the industry helps to make the process more effective and…I hope…even fun.


Many organizations have talented, skilled individuals in place who may just need instructions or a workshop to better prepare them for e-learning technologies. In other cases, a learning team needs education on how to conduct an ROI study or how to properly complete a needs assessment. I can provide workshops on a variety of topics that will help your organization remain strong and thriving in the area of learning. These workshops are all customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. If you do not want a full-blown workshop, arrangements can be made for you to simply purchase the instructor and learner materials for you to present the workshop yourself.


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