Do you need a speaker for your next event? Do you want to provide an educational and entertaining message about learning or the future of learning technologies? Do you want a serious and enlightening message delivered with flair, fun and energy?

If you do, I provide exciting, humorous, insightful and thought provoking Keynote addresses, presentations and talks. They are motivational as well as educational. I have a conversation with the audience when I speak encouraging them to action and opening them up to new ideas and innovative learning technologies.

I conduct a variety of interactive, engaging seminars and keynote addresses that provide an organization with a transferable learning experience allowing employees to apply the learning directly to their job.



Sample Seminar and Keynote Topics

Note: I can create a new topic and presentation to meet your exact needs. I will spend the time to customize my presentation to deliver the message you need to convey.

Learning Focus

All of my seminars and keynotes are specifically designed to provide maximum impact and enjoyment. Primarily, I use an engaging, exciting learning approach for the delivery of content. I include graphical images, animations and other learning strategies to engage and excite the attendees. This proven approach provides a number of distinct advantages over traditional lecture-based approaches.


For seminars, I used a problem-based approach to learning and gear the seminar to reach the individual learning style of each attendees using a variey of interactive strategies and techniques.

Team Approach

In a problem-based learning environment, learners are grouped into teams and are presented with a complex but realistic problem environment in which they need to make decisions. The learners are then given specific details of the problem to be addressed and the information necessary to solve the problem. The learners are then required to analyze the situation and data, develop innovative courses of action, and engage in discussions with fellow learners as they explain and explore their decisions. This enables the learner to apply the content covered in the seminar to the solution of realistic problems.

Focus on Solving Problems

Problem-based learning accomplishes a number of critical instructional objectives simultaneously:

  • Teaching desired content (Each seminar includes state-of-the-industry information.) Motivating learners (Participants are actively engaged in the content.)
  • Developing problem-solving skills. (Participants must solve a realistic problem.)
  • Honing teamwork skills. (Participants must work together as a team.)
  • Practicing communication skills. (Participants must accurately relay information to each other in order to solve the problem.)
  • Developing leadership skills. (At least one leader per team naturally emerges in this learning environment-many times more than one)

Problem-based learning works because of the high level of involvement and interactivity of the learners. In addition, the details of time, place, character and environment provided by the problem helps learners to internalize the instruction. This enables the learner to recognize when a similar problem or situation occurs within their actual work environment.

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