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Detective Template

Here is a PowerPoint Template that you can purchase which contains my complete “Detective” series characters and associated backgrounds. Often I am asked if the detective character is available for purchase. This PowerPoint deck contains instructions, ideas and movable characters and props from my presentation. It also contains instructions for how I put together my PowerPoint Detective “story.”

Here is a sample of the types of PowerPoint Template Screens you will receive:

Clyde's office, lots of good clues in this office.

An office background.

The boss is the smartest person in the story.

Ready made template for you to add your own dialogue and content.

You receive:

  • The Detective Character (3 Poses, 2 standing, 1 running)
  • The Female “Boss” Character (3 Poses)
  • Other Female Character (1 Pose)
  • The group of Detectives with different color hats (1 Pose)
  • King Pin-Type Character (3 Poses)
  • Ivan Character (2 poses)
  • Backgrounds (Alley, Diner, Office, Computer Desk & Street Corner)
  • Accessories (Car, Lamppost, Desk, Typewriter)

Getting a briefing on Flow during the presentation.

Characters with different speech bubbles which you can modify.

One of the detective images you receive.

One of the detectives you will receive has a blue hat.

The complete template is: $39.95.

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