Do you need a speaker for your next event? Do you want to provide an educational and entertaining message about learning or the future of learning technologies? Do you want a serious and enlightening message delivered with flair, fun and energy?

If you do, I provide exciting, humorous, insightful and thought provoking Keynote addresses, presentations and talks. They are motivational as well as educational. I have a conversation with the audience when I speak encouraging them to action and opening them up to new ideas and innovative learning technologies.

I conduct a variety of interactive, engaging seminars and keynote addresses that provide an organization with a transferable learning experience allowing employees to apply the learning directly to their job

All of my seminars and keynotes are specifically designed to provide maximum impact and enjoyment. Primarily, I use an engaging, exciting learning approach for the delivery of content. I include graphical images, animations and other learning strategies to engage and excite the attendees. This proven approach provides a number of distinct advantages over traditional lecture-based approaches

Workshop Topics:

Games, Gamification and the Quest for Engagement

Based on the bestselling learning book, “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction” this keynote address introduces, defines, and describes the concept of gamification, games for learning and interactivity. It then dissects the elements of games and describes how they can be applied to the design and development of interactive learning. The keynote is based on solid research including peer-reviewed results from dozens of studies that offer insights into why game-based thinking and mechanics makes for engaged employees, consumers and fans. Not all games or gamification efforts are the same, creating engaging experiences using game-based thinking requires matching content with the right game mechanics and game thinking. Moving beyond the theoretical considerations, the presentation explores methods for designing interactive experiences based on concepts from games with examples from various industries.

Gamification as a Competitive Advantage

Gamification is the concept of using “game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems” but what does this mean as a practical strategy? What does it look like in action? How does an organization decide what to gamify and what not to gamify? How is gamification used to attract customers, retain employees and promote learning? Can Gamification really be a competitive advantage? Join Karl as he dissects those questions in an interactive and fun manner. Laugh, ponder and debate as he shows you, step-by-step how you and your organization can gain a competitive advantage through games and gamification.

Video Games, Mobile Devices, QR Codes and You

What will the future hold? Are you prepared for the next level of digital integration between humans and machines? Join Karl as he carefully describes an already-here-future that is soon going to overwhelm almost every organization. From location-aware devices to real-time facial recognition software to automated cars to real-life video game interactions the future workplace will hardly resemble today’s workplace. Explore the technologies shaping the future of your organization and learn how to position yourself and your organization for success.

The Future of Learning

Technology has disrupted every major institution known to humankind and now the last great institution—our educational system is being disrupted in dramatic and unsettling ways. Explore how concepts like the flipped classroom, Open Courseware initiatives, gamification and even iPads are turning education inside out. In this thought provoking keynote, Karl explores how our current factory-based model of education must change and why it is inadequate for tomorrow’s learners. Karl proposes dramatic and insightful directions in which education must go to prepare the leaders of the future. This engaging presentation challenges what you know about education while opening your mind up to the variety of solutions available to innovative educational organizations.

Bridging the Boomer/Gamer Knowledge Gap

Baby Boomers are retiring in droves and the Gamer generations is hitting the workforce “no holds barred.” Boomer knowledge is being lost and Gamers want to learn in an entirely new way. This keynote address provides an informative and fun look at what can be done to help bridge the gap and provide methods for transferring knowledge from the boomers to the gamers.

Benefits Attendees will Gain for This Talk:

  • Discover how to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next
  • Transform the way your organization things about knowledge
  • Discover how technology can bridge the gap
  • Increase the probability of a smooth transition from Boomers to Gamers
  • Reduce knowledge transfer costs
The USA Principle: A Framework for E-Technology Implementation Success

This exciting, dynamic seminar provides attendees with a number of proven techniques to help them focus their E-Technology implementation on the important issues-people and processes. Attendees will learn the proper steps necessary to achieve implementation success.

Benefits Attendees will Gain by Attending this Seminar:

  • Analyze your business processes to eliminate waste
  • Diagram your internal processes to find opportunities for improvement
  • Save your company valuable time and money
  • Increase the probability of implementation success
  • Reduce implementation costs


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