Graphic Novel: Cool eBooks for Learning about HIV Prevention

I have been a long time fan of comic books and thought they would be great for creating a learning curriculum especially one that was transmedia.

Here is an interesting TEDx video that makes a powerful argument for comics for learning (although not the central message of the talk.)

Additionally, recently a friend of mine Kevin Thorn completed an exciting and interesting project for with the Prevention with Positives (PwP) Initiative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where he created a graphic novel about the future of HIV Prevention.

The graphic novel is story-based training impacting both the cognitive and affective domains from a learning perspective.

Panel from Graphic Novel

Panel from Graphic Novel

The graphic novel has profiles of the characters.

Character profile from graphic novel.

Character profile from graphic novel.

Even a “map” or scene finder to enable the reader to go directly to the desired scene within the novel.

Scene finder within the graphic novel.

Scene finder within the graphic novel.

So if you want to see an interesting use of a graphic novel as a learning piece and get some ideas for yourself in terms of using this powerful medium for learning, check out the novel at PwP in Action.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the process, Kevin did a fantastic bunch of posts on the subject at his blog LearningNuggets.

Here are just a few of his blog entries.

Serious Comic – Character Development

Serious Comic – Character Development II

Serious Comic – Voice Over, Music, and Sound Effects

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