Leaving Stealth Mode: Announcing 2K Learning and Kickstarter Campaign

Today is an exciting day with the announcement of the launch of 2K Learning. 2K Learning is born out of 6 years of work on a National Science Foundation project which has since morphed into a full fledged company offering innovative play/make curriculum designed to instill a love of science, engineering and math into middle school learners.

ROV SplashScreen

After funding much of the curriculum development ourselves for the first release of the Remote Operated Vehicle module, we are not asking for development funding in our Kickstarter campaign. Instead, we are asking for funding to support teachers to use the product. We are asking for funding for the Beta testing of the product.

Research has indicated that one of the main reasons that teachers don’t adopt innovative new techniques is because they are never provided with the proper training, technical support, pedagogical support or infrastructure to make it successful. This Kickstarter project changes that. The project gives teachers, through crowdsourced funding, the chance to be supported.

The project is part Maker Revolution and is part game-based learning. Our research funded by the National Science Foundation revealed that the best possible instructional combination was video game learning and hands-on maker experiences. We’ve incorporated both.

The launch of 2K Learning does not mean I am switching careers or leaving academia, instead, it means I am strongly supporting my beliefs about better learning environments through a project that will better prepare kids for the next 100 years, it moves from the industrial model of learning to an anywhere, anytime knowledge age of learning. It puts substance behind the work I do and allows me to create educational experiences not just for adults but for kids as well.

So, I urge you to join me and Jim Kiggens, my 2K Learning partner and game developer extraordinaire, and help to fund our pilot program…help to fund the support of innovative teachers and join the revolution to make education hands-on, video game based and, most importantly effective, challenging and meaningful.

Please go to Our Kickstarter page and pledge today!

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Here is the 2K Learning web site.

Kickstarter Page–Back us today!

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  1. Andrew Greenberg January 16, 2015

    Good luck!

  2. Craig Geromi January 16, 2015

    Hi Karl,

    Congrats! This is very exciting stuff. I remember the little bit of gaming we did using that really convoluted program with the interactions. Working in the pharma industry as I do, it would be nice to see more immerseive learning within this sector. As of now it is pretty dry per se. Let’s get together and chat soon.