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Don’ Miss Presentation

In case you haven’t seen or heard, Mark Oehlert is going to be giving a presentation titled Living and Working with Games and Gamers as part of the Adobe Luminary eSeminar Series: eLearning. Mark is a great speaker and expert on the topic, you don’t want to miss it. Here is the description: With Gen […]

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The “Gamer’s” Learning Style

Kids who have grown up with video games, Gamers, are self-educating. They seek out and learn from the information that is available to them. They do not rely on formal educational settings for their learning. The gamers’ learning style: Ignores any hint of formal instruction. They are self-directed learners. Includes trial and error and approaching […]

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Great Leads and Misc Information…tying it all together

Sometimes, things just all seem to come together at once. A number of alumni and friends of Bloomsburg University’s Instructional Technology program have sent me some great links and they are all about wildly different things but all are related to the gamer generation. Check them out. Here is one titled Most-Praised Generation Craves Kudos […]

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Hire that Kid!

Warning sarcasm ahead You may have read that there is a scandal brewing in schools across the United States and even the world. Kids are using iPods and MP3 players to cheat on tests. A horrible use of technology…those darn electronic gizmos…they are corrupting the youth of the world. An article by Associated Press called […]

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