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Excerpt from my article on ID Strategies Published in July Issue of T&D

Check out this month’s ASTD magazine, T&D. I wrote an article on instructional strategies that I think will be helpful to anyone designing e-learning or stand up instruction. The article covers different levels of learning but here is a sneak preview of some of the article. The article is titled Matching the Right Design Strategy […]

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Resources from CSTD Webinar

Here are my slides and some resources I discussed during me presentation. Thanks everyone for attending. Hope everyone got some useful information for designing games and simulations for learning. The Role of Games and Simulations in Learning View more presentations from Karl Kapp. 1. An experience as an avatar can change a person’s real life perceptions. […]

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A Proposed Definition of “Game”

What is a game? There have been many different definitions and attempts at defining the term “game” but I think one of the most appropriate definitions for application in an instructional setting was put forth by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman in their book Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals The only change I have […]

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Take a Course from Bill Gates Favorite Teacher

According to Fortune, Bill Gates (yes, that Bill Gates) his favorite teacher is named Sal Khan. Sal teaches at his own online university called which is a vast digital trove of free mini-lectures all narrated by Khan. See the article Bill Gates’ favorite teacher The Khan Academy is the most popular educational site on […]

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