As a practicing knowledge broker, I frequently speak to businesses, corporations, professional societies, universities, and non-profit organizations. I also consult with businesses on topics related to the convergence of learning, manufacturing, and e-technology. I help organizations transition into learning organizations through the effective application of technology. You can read Karl’s Curriculum Vitae.

I understand how people learn and how to promote effective learning within an organization. I received my Doctorate of Education in the Instructional Design program at the University of Pittsburgh. The field of Instructional Design primarily focuses on the systematic design, development, delivery, and evaluation of instruction in a corporate environment. This systematic focus is the cornerstone of my presentations and consulting work.

In addition, I understand manufacturing. I am Certified as a Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM) and am Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM). I have published in APICS~The Performance Advantage, Manufacturing Systems, National Productivity Review, P&IM Journal, and The EDI Forum. I am the author of the APICS JIT CPIM Certification Review Course, Revision 2. which includes a number of unique interactive exercises.

I have been interviewed by such magazines as Training, Knowledge Management and Software Strategies for my insights into technology and learning.

My first book “Integrated Learning for ERP Implementation Success” is available under the Resources » My Books section of this web site. Currently, as the Assistant Director of Bloomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies, I am heavily involved with interactive instruction, e-learning and evaluating corporate enterprise-wide learning strategies. My second book “Winning E-Learning Proposals: The Art of Development and Delivery.” It is also available under the Resources » My Books section of this web site.