12 Year Olds Running Self-Directed Teams

Catching a shark in RuneScape.

Discussion with my son a few years ago.

“Dad, I want you to know the second clan meeting went better than the first,” my son unexpectedly announced one day.

“What, a clan meeting?” was my response, “clan, what do you mean clan?” I was nervous.

“I formed an online team in Runescape, we call it a clan.”

“Oh, of course.”

“We have six members but need someone who can cook shark.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“Cook shark?”

“We have someone who can catch shark; we need someone who can cook it. In our first meeting, we didn’t have any goals or tasks. Nobody knew what to do. It was a waste time.”

“Cook shark?”

“The second meeting was better; we assigned tasks and appointed someone to be third in charge. We picked someone who didn’t speak much to bring her into the group. We also assigned some one to create a logo.”

Here was my 12 year old son in charge of six people who he never met, setting goals, delegating tasks and assigning roles as well as posting help wanted ads for “shark cookers.” He was running a self-directed work team, virtually.

These are the skills he needs in a world were he will be a member of several virtual teams working with some people he will never meet face-to-face.

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  1. Karl Kapp February 20, 2009

    True:) We need to keep it a secret:)

  2. Mark Viquesney February 17, 2009

    If you tell him what he is actually doing, he would probably quit playing with the words, “Ah dad, you took the fun out of my game… Now that I know I am learning… Gees…” 😉

Karl Kapp
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