Alternatives to Second Life Continued

In my listing of Alternatives to Second Life, many packages were missed. Here are two more.

MPK20:Sun’s Virtual Workplace “Wonderland”

The MPK20 virtual world is also known as Wonderland. Sun employees can accomplish their real work, share documents, and meet with colleagues using natural voice communication. Plans for future updates include the ability to share applications in the virtual environment, and to link whiteboards in physical meeting rooms with the virtual space to show up in both online and offline worlds. For more information, you can read Sun unveils corporate ‘Second Life’. You can download the application and check it out.


InXpo has a virtual ASP show platform. The platform enables businesses to Generate leads, Sell product, Network, Conduct education and Enhance brand awareness via Private and Public virtual shows all in a 3D virtual world. You can have Private Shows focused on promotional selling where the show’s host customers and suppliers are the attendees and exhibitors. This model is common in the Distribution market and applicable to selected virtual shows such as Association (members) and Corporate (employees & partners) sponsored virtual events accessed by invitation only. InXpo also hosts and produces Public Shows. Public shows are focused on Lead generation, Networking and Educational themes. These shows typically provide for an open market registration where the potential attendee participation is broad. This model is applicable for many business-to-business virtual shows for publishing and media as well as the consumer shows.

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  1. Glen November 25, 2009

    I had an excellent tour of Reaction Grid the other day. Uses the same engine as Second Life and viewed through Hippo Viewer. Some interesting enterprises underway.

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