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My friend, Randy Ran Hinrichs, of 2b3d who has a wonderful motto of “Move Photons, Not People” is offering a program that you need to take advantage of if you are involved, interested or curious about 3D virtual worlds. The program is offered for credit from the University of Washington office of Professional and Continuing Education.

Here is Randy talking about 3D Virtual Worlds with Ron Burns of ProtonMedia.

Here is the key information, but you need to register today or sooner since the program starts on Sept 27th.

The program offers a Certificate in Virtual Worlds. I have participated several times in the class and it is a wonderful program. Great learning, international learners and really passionate instructors and students.

Here are the details:

Program Overview
Learn to use simulated environments to enhance all types of organizations, including online communities, education, retailing, political expression and military training. As technologies develop, virtual worlds become more sophisticated, more common and people spend more time in them. Position yourself to be part of this emerging movement that has become a reality beyond just gaming. Your education will be hands-on and practical; you will learn exclusively in a simulated environment.

What the Program Covers

  • Platform selection and use
  • World design and creation
  • Human interactivity and metrics
  • Integration with business systems or databases
  • Effective evaluation of virtual worlds

Program Outcomes
You will learn to:

  • Apply and combine concepts, processes, issues and skills from information management techniques, educational theory, technology design and digital culture to choose, design, develop and measure goals in Virtual Worlds.
  • Analyze virtual world platforms, examining design methods and user-centric design for human-information interaction.
  • Apply concepts, strategies and skills related to the life cycle of virtual world planning, design and product development.
  • Use evaluation techniques involving human factors, cognition, gaming strategies, performance tracking and feedback systems to ensure the ‘stickiness’ and defined value in Virtual Worlds.

Apply Now
Applications are now being accepted. For more information about the application process, and to apply, please visit the website:

Of course it is totally online. For more information go HERE!

The program provides graduate credits and the classes include:

  • Introduction to Virtual Worlds
  • Designing Virtual Worlds
  • Programming Virtual Worlds

All Experience Levels can attend the class. You do not need to be a programmer:)

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