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It seems to me that higher education is being attacked from all angles–from literal, violent attacks on campuses to an almost systematic effort to defund public education in the United States.

But on the bright side, I work with wonderful, dedicated professors everyday at Bloomsburg University and across the globe who are dedicated to bettering the lives of their students. Everyday I see the dedication, hard work and energy that supports, prepares and prods students to levels of performance they did not think they could achieve.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in higher education for over 18 years and have had some remarkable students and they have gone on to do wonderful things. One of the areas that gives me particular delight is when they go on to teach in an institution of higher education such as a community college or four year institution and it’s particularly satisfying when they ask for some advice or council related to teaching within the classroom and concerning life as a professor.

I’ve had my share of ups and downs in the job, like anyone, but over the years believe I have learned some lessons and gained some insights that can help others. And every once in a while a student or colleague will ask me what secrets I’ve learned as a professor in the classroom, conducting research and working in an academic environment. I gladly share that information but it is usually only an audience of one.

So now, I am working with and to create a series of video courses geared toward being a successful college professor. I have more in the works but the first two have been released and I am anxious and eager to share them to help others perfect their role as professor, teacher, instructor.

The first is a course on how to develop grants. The reality of today’s academic positions is that grants are more important than ever. This course provides all the information you need to find a grant opportunity, to develop the idea, collaborate with others and to write up the idea into an effective grant proposal.

Here is the welcome video for the course (where I am making a particularly goofy face).

Another course I have created is called Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed. In this course I explain what you need to do as a professor or instructor to position yourself to be successful in your career in higher education.

I am particularly excited to team with because most colleges already have free access to the courses so they won’t cost any money and you can view them whenever you have time…at lunch, at the beginning of the day or while sitting in office hours. They are quick, focused one-on-one consultations similar to the one’s I have with many people face-to-face. The same advice, ideas and guidance that I provide.

Now, it may not be perfect for your situation but I am sure you are smart enough to leverage what applies and to skip the rest.

If your college, school or institution doesn’t have, ask them to subscribe but, in the meantime, here is a way to get a free trial. Simply click on the banner below, search for my name “Karl Kapp” and you can start enjoying my ideas and concepts about being a professional professor right away. And, the great thing is you can also look at other wonderful courses during your free 10 days.

10-day free trial

Happy Learning!!

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