Big IBM/Second Life Announcement this Week!

Thanks to Tony O’Driscoll at Learning Matters! for pointing this out. He let everyone know on his blog posting The i-web Singularity Redux that at Virtual Worlds III this week the announcement was made that Second Life has worked out a deal with IBM to move Second Life behind the IBM corporate firewall. If this can be a standard business practice for Second Life (living behind corporate firewalls) it is a removal of a huge obstacle for entry into 3D worlds for many industries like Pharmaceutical and Financial.

Over at Virtual Worlds News blog, the posting reads:

There’s always been interest in using Second Life for business. For most corporations, though, it’s been too insecure, lacking the ability to hold determinedly private conversations, host the platform behind a firewall, or generally treat the world as an intranet as opposed to the Internet. IBM announced today that it was changing that. In a pilot program, IBM will host its own sections of the Second Life Grid behind a firewall, allowing the company’s users to come and go between private and public spaces at will.

You can see other IBM efforts in Second Life such as the Healthcare island. Read about it in IBM Opens New 3D Virtual Healthcare Island on Second Life


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