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This week, the final week of the blog book tour, we had some impressive comments and thoughts about the book and the meaning of 3D in terms of learning and development. Here is a recap of the great posts for this week.

Recap of Blog Stops

Day Twenty-Six Chris Brannigan at Thinking Worlds blog wrote a post titled Learning in 3D – walking the walk #lrn3d. In the post Chris states that the book is in shifting the discourse forward from the ‘what is 3D’ to the ‘why, ‘when’ and ‘how’ to use it. This is what we want to accomplish and we are excited to that the theme is resonating.

Day Twenty-Seven Brian Miller at his blog Cognitive Technologies reviewed the book in this post Book Review: “Learning in 3D”, Kapp & O’Driscoll, 2010 and he commented on some content that he thought could enhance the book especially in the area of where we discuss an equation that states that when interactivity and immersion are multiplied they result in engagement in motivation. Brian is advocating for the addition of Relevance and Challenge which I have to agree enhance the equation. Brian has since written another interesting post related to 3D worlds titled Systems Thinking and Simulations: Part II

Day Twenty-Eight Roland Legrand at Mixed Realities penned a post Learning in 3D: a book as a tool to change enterprise learning – and the corporation itself discusses the changes that are occurring in business and how that change must be reflected in our learning systems.

Day Twenty-Nine 02/18/10 Robyn DeFelice of DishingDesign wrote a post Hosted Event: Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour. In her post she discusses elements of instructional design that relate to 3D worlds and potential areas of research.

Day Thirty Special guest Jay Cross added an entry Learning on the Holodeck. Jay adds that Learning is social, and I think this has something to do with the power of watching your avatar experience something as opposed to simply imagining it in your mind.


During this week, the Learning in 3D Facebook page passed 300.

Look for a more extensive wrap up in the near future, a few more Learning in 3D surprise posts and some stats from the tour itself. Also, thanks to everyone who participated, joined Facebook page, lurked, wrote and purchased the book!!!
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  1. jay February 25, 2010

    Karl, I intend to come back with more. I have a few pages to go. (Dense book.) But I would enjoy helping get your message out. Working on Euro connections.


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    It’s really useful to me.

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