Objective of the Seminar:

Baby Boomers are retiring in droves and the Gamer generations is hitting the workforce “no holds barred.” Boomer knowledge is being lost and Gamers want to learn in an entirely new way. This keynote address provides an informative and fun look at what can be done to help bridge the gap and provide methods for transfering knowledge from the boomers to the gamers.

Material to Be Covered:

Twenty-two million baby-boomers are preparing to take lifetimes of experience into retirement. In the doorway are 8 million “gamers,” those software-savvy techno-warriors, who think, work and learn differently than their television-nurtured predecessors. This has all the makings of a Knowledge Revolution: lost knowledge, worker shortages, and a new generation that thinks and learns differently.

Organizations need to wake up to the new reality of the workforce and to the impending worker shortage. The US Department of Labor estimates that By 2010, the United States will have 10,033,000 more jobs than people. 2 in 10 jobs will go unfilled.

On the other side, the Gamer Generation with their idea of life forged through years of playing computer and video games are going to demand more “fun” better computer interfaces and easy and continuous access to all levels of organizational hierarchies.

To make sense of all this, we will discuss five strategies organizations can use to bridge the gap and gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits Attendees will Gain for This Talk

  • Discover how to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next.
  • Transform the way your organization things about knowledge.
  • Discover how technology can bridge the gap.
  • Increase the probability of a smooth transition from Boomers to Gamers.
  • Reduce knowledge transfer costs.
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