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Learning Station Resources for #SPBT2014 #LTEN

Here are slides to accompany my creation station session. Here are the slides for adding the capability to take notes right on a PowerPoint slide without having to leave PowerPoint, great for brainstorming sessions and for collecting thoughts of learners. The notes can be saved with the PowerPoint presentation and distributed later. Here are the […]

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What Happened to the Promise of One-to-One Online Learning?

One early claim of the advantage of computer-based instruction was that the computer could adapt to the individual learner and provide her or him with instruction customized to their individual needs. This does not seem to be happening in the world of e-learning. This adaptation to individuals is a missing ingredient in training and education. […]

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More Brain Research

For a long time people have thought of intelligence as a static item. You receive an IQ score and you are either intelligent or “not so much.” You are either “gifted” or not. I never really thought that was true and I always assert that the “real teachers” or educators are the ones who take […]

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Library of Learning Objects

I do a lot of work with organizations funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). My work as an evaluator provides me the opportunity to see the high quality work these organizations produce. One of the NSF funded organizations, Wisc-Online has created a large database of online, multimedia learning objects on dozens of topics. There […]

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