Co-Author Speaking at 3D Life Science 2010 Event in Malvern, PA

On January 19th, 2010. Tony O’Driscoll (my co-author and partner in 3D) will be presenting at an event co-sponsored by Microsoft and ProtonMedia.

The event will be moderated by a top life sciences industry personality, and will feature several surprise guests, the panel will discuss how pharma organizations are using innovative (some would say radical) collaboration technologies to out-think and out-sell their competitors in today’s exceedingly competitive environment. They are even going to serve lunch and refreshments. At the event, you will see case studies and hear about experiences people have had using innovative 3D technologies. You’ll also get an exclusive sneak peek at imaginative new “stuff” that could fundamentally change how Life Sciences teams work together online.

It is an “invitation-only” event. However, if you let them know you saw my blog post on the topic…you’ll receive an invite. Check out the event at the Life Sciences 2010: The Global Collaboration Imperative.
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