Creating Learning Spaces in Second Life

This morning I received an email message from, Fiona, who provided me with a really interesting link to 50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life.

Actually, it is really a listing of great SL resources and ideas broken down by different categories such as:

  • Training Purposes–Employers and educators who want to train new hires or test their students can use Second Life in a number of ways.
  • Blogs and Websites–Turn to these blogs for tips, services and tools when setting up a learning space in Second Life.
  • Examples of Second Life in Education–Follow these real-life Second Life projects from Stanford, Harvard Law School and even a New York middle school to start your own studies or get students of all ages involved in Second Life.
  • More Tips and Ideas–From Campus: Second Life to designing your own planetarium to creating games for history class, this list features even more tips and fun ideas.
  • Resources–These tutorials and guides are designed especially for educators who want to create an effective learning space in Second Life.
  • Second Life Tools for Teaching–Learn how to create your own prims, make use of virtual camera tools and discover SL features to make the most of your virtual classroom.
  • Communication Tools–These teaching tools to help distance learning educators, college professors and other teachers communicate with students through Second Life more easily and effectively.

You may want to add this list to your favorite social bookmarking tool.

Thanks Fiona!

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  1. TAGCBLOG August 3, 2008

    Wow! Karl I do not know when you find the time to do all you are doing. Thanks for all the resouces. Ginny

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