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So today is Cyber Monday and you are wondering just what you should order for that special Learning and Development person in your life…well I’ve got a few ideas all related to the gift of learning.

The best thing you can give someone is new ideas, new thinking and new concepts. This list of gift ideas provides everything from self-paced on line resources to a live online course to a few books that can expand a person’s mind and thinking in the area of learning and development or even a live workshop.

    Enjoy the list

1.) Order a subscription to The site is inexpensive only $25 a month and has thousands of hours of great videos explaining everything elearning and beyond…from time management to Captivate to Storyline2 to Photoshop to Drawing Vector Graphics. If you are in the field of instructional design, elearning, adult education or any related field…you NEED If you don’t know something, you will learn it with


Here is a sneak peak of my course you on gamification you can check out.

2) The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook:Ideas into Practice. If you have bought into the concept of gamification and you are ready to begin developing innovative gamification solutions. This hands-on, how-to book provides you with the insights, ideas and techniques you need to get started creating great solutions. This is the book that can help you make gamification and game-based learning happen in your organization.

3) Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education. This book describes the concepts, ideas and theories behind the concept of gamification. It goes into the research underpinnings of the concepts, describes the importance of storytelling, feedback and action for the creation of effective instruction. This book continues to be a best seller in the field of learning and development and can help you gain a solid understanding of how to effectively think about creating truly engaging instruction. If someone in your organization is struggling with the concept of gamification or thinks it is not appropriate for your organization, this book provides insights into how gamification can and will make a positive difference in design of learning and development.

4) Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning: Tools and Techniques for Transferring Know-How from Boomers to Gamers. This was my favorite book to write so far. It takes the reader on a journey of possibilities for moving learning forward. Written in 2007, it is a bit dated in spots but does contain solid ideas and concepts for transforming how you think about leveraging technology for successful learning within organizations. I especially like the chapter on Knowledge Requirements Planning. If the person you want to provide a gift to this season has the first two books mentioned above, this would be a good addition.

5) Live, Online Game Design Course. Through the eLearning Guild’s Academy program, my friend Sharon Boller and I are teaching a course designed to help you think through the design of a serious game for learning. We won’t build a game in the course but you will create a working prototype and get expert feedback and questions answered about how to create games that teach. It is a multi-week experience with live instructors, the first group we had created wonderful prototypes and game ideas many of which have been implemented into their organizations. Learn more about the course here.

6) Live In-Person Workshop or Consulting. Why not surprise your organization with a live workshop reviewing the elements of games or gamification. Learn first-hand how to create gamified learning experiences that are not technology dependent. Participate in well crafted game that models how gamification can be used in live presentations. Or, hire a gamification expert on retainer to provide insights and ideas to your organization on a regular basis, helping you to create excellent gamification learning events.

To learn more about this option, send an email to Karl Kapp using the contact page here. This option is the most expensive of the group but provides direct access to the thinking and ideas about gamification.

Happy Cyber Monday….

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