Design: Time Savings Converting Stand Up Training to E-Learning

Over the years, I have collected some information on the reduction of time for converting stand up training to e-learning. Here are some statistics you might find interesting. It seems that the average reduction in time is between 40% and 50%.

With e-learning, “results comparable to those of instructor-led training have been achieved in 40 to 60 percent less time.” –Zenger, J., Uehlein, C. Why Blended Will Win, T+D (formerly Training and Development Magazine), ASTD, August 2001, pg. 57.

“Over 30 studies have found that interactive technologies reduce learning time requirements by an average of 50 percent.”–Miller, R. L, Learning Benefits of Interactive Technologies, Multimedia and Videodisc Monitor, February 1990, pg. 14.

“There is very strong evidence that computer-based training requires less time for training compared to instructor-led training. The amount of reduction ranges from 20-80 percent, with 40-60 percent being the most common.”–Hall, B., Web-Based Training Cookbook, Wiley Computer Publishing, New York, 1997, pg. 108.

“Office Depot used a virtual classroom to simultaneously training students in Florida, California, and Texas, thus increasing enrollment by a factor of three while increasing student satisfaction by 30% and knowledge retention by 25% while simultaneously decreasing costs by 80%”. –Horton, W., Designing Web-Based Training, Wiley, New York, 2000, pg. 26.

Fletcher after carefully reviewing over forty independent studies found that “Technology Based Training (TBT) yielded a time saving of 35-45% over traditional classroom instruction while obtaining equivalent or better gains in learning retention and transfer.” –Fletcher, J.D. (1990, July). Effectiveness and Cost of Interactive Videodisc Instruction in Defense Training and Education, Washington DC: Institute for Defense Analyses.

If you have any similar statistics, please post as a comment.

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