eLearning Guild Presentation: Applying ADDIE to 3D Worlds

The schedule for the first day of the online conference.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present at the eLearning Guild’s “Designing and Managing Learning in 3-D Virtual Worlds and Immersive Environments” for the opening general session of the online conference. It was a lot of fun with a great group of attendees. My subject was “Applying the ADDIE Model to 3D Virtual Learning Worlds”

We discussed ways in which the traditional method of instructional design needs to be modified to accommodate elements of 3D virtual worlds (we call them Virtual Immersive Environments).

The content was mostly taken from the upcoming book Tony O’Driscoll and I are writing called Learning in 3D.

While the presentation below is not the same one I gave for the Guild, it does have many of the same concepts and ideas.

Also, several people asked for some resources related to virtual worlds so here are a few:

Here are links to Virtual Worlds (beyond Second Life):

Alternatives to Second Life (one)

Alternatives to Second Life Continued (two)

ProtonMedia’s ProtoSphere

Forterra Systems

And here is a great tour of many virtual worlds, all in 8 minutes.

Of course, here are some Second Life resources and blog entries the provide a good deal of information about using virtual immersive environments for learning:

Second Life Session

Second Life Resources and Information

Second Life Education Wiki

Second Life Books

Creating Learning Spaces in Second Life

Second Life…Its Synchronous

Enjoy the resources and please add more!!!

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