Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents

Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents. If you are considering creating a “Serious Game” or an instructional game, one of the first place to start is a great game design document. But how to write one? These samples will give you some ideas.

Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample: As the web site says, “for all of you who have ever wondered what they look like or need one for your own personal game project, check out Dungeon Siege creator Chris Taylor’s example”

Example Blank Design Document: This one is simple and to the point, not much detail but it will get you started.

Game Design Document: Play with Fire. This document is specific to a Playstation game but provides a good use of visuals as it explains the creation of the game.

Document for Ant Game. This provides details on a game called An Ant’s Life.

Here is a presentation of a game design document.

Here are a couple of articles about game design documents:

The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 1: Documentation Guidelines for the Game Concept and Proposal

The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 2: Documentation Guidelines for the Functional and Technical Specifications

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