Finally, The Physics of Super Hero Powers Explained

We already know that flying around a virtual world as a super hero makes us nicer in the actual world.

But what if we suddenly gained super strength or the ability to fly. A fun, cleverly designed group of TED-ED videos explores the idea of gaining super powers and what that means in terms of physics and formulas. Yes, learning occurs as you watch the videos.

Additionally, they are a clever way to provide a quick lesson and a single concept–take note you instructional designers and comic book artists. Although, it kinda ruins your desire to gain super hero powers.

Super Strength–Not all that helpful catching people falling from the sky.

Super speed? Turns out to be really painful for you…and the person you are rescuing from the speeding bullet.

Flying is equally as difficult and subjects you to being really, really cold as well as “the bends.” Ok, here is the bad news in the form of the video.

You know, thinking about being a super hero in real life sorta spoils the entire super hero thing. On the other hand, if you had every super power then you might be just be OK!

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