Four Industry Announcements

This seems to be “press release” week for me but some great things are happening like the Innovations in Clinical Research Workshop I blogged about the other day.

Well today, two more announcements.

First, my colleague Koreen Olbriish (and book contributor)  announced that Tandem Learning has been acquired by Ayogo Games. Ayogo is an award-winning serious games company that uses game design to educate and motivate healthy behavior.

Koreen will be joining Ayogo’s executive team and continuing her work in immersive learning design with organizations interested in leveraging technologies to create engaging learning experiences, now with even more expertise and experience in game design as part of Ayogo.  Jedd will be supporting the transition over the next few months as he embarks on his next entrepreneurial adventure.

Second, Rustici Software  recently announced the launching of the eLearning Atlas–Below is the press release.

eLearning Atlas- a New Way to Navigate the Industry

Free resource now available that helps providers and training professionals wade through the oceans of e-Learning products available

The e-Learning industry is bigger than any of us probably realize- and getting bigger every day. So many products and companies to select from should be a good thing- and it is. But sometimes, it can be overwhelming to figure out who to work with or what system to implement. Just like driving cross country- you could attempt this without a GPS (or AAA TripTik) but to do so will probably cost you time, extra gas money and some frustration if you don’t know where you’re going.

The same thing could be said about navigating through the world of e-Learning. Our industry relies heavily on compatibility- phenomenal instructional design means nothing if the course won’t play in your LMS. So, not only do we need to know what systems and products can DO, but we also need to know who they can do things WITH.   It’s exactly for this reason that we decided to build the eLearning Atlas- a map of the industry and guide to help you explore the industry and find the right routes and highways to pick- based on your desired destination.

What is the eLearning Atlas? The Atlas is a  dynamic, searchable database of the products and companies within the e-learning industry. Designed for use by both providers and training professionals, the eLearning Atlas maps over 1,300 companies and 1,700 products worldwide, with more added every day. Users can choose to filter the database by key product features including category, deployment method, licensing options, and standards supported. Or they may opt to literally ‘map’ the industry with the browseable map feature.

I’ve seen something like this before… What makes the eLearning Atlas unique compared to other industry guides is the ability to search for products by specific standards, and the breadth of products represented. For example, a Director of Technology needs an authoring tool that supports SCORM 2004 3rd Edition for their LMS. A quick search in eLearning Atlas will show them all that meet this match, including links, screenshots and a discussion forum to share user reviews. For the record- 23 come up for this search today. All of the e-Learning specifications are captured- from SCORM and AICC to IMS, PENS and LETSI RTWS.

It’s free- What’s the catch? Funded by Rustici Software (aka, the eLearning Atlas is a completely free resource available to the community- for training professionals looking for the right provider and companies that want to list their products. There are no paid placements, advertisements, or costs to be listed.

As Mike Rustici explains- “We created the eLearning Atlas to help make it easier to find compatible companies and products. The problem is that it’s not always (and usually isn’t) clear who will play nicely together. We quickly realized that our unique position (think Switzerland) in the industry means we can share this list with the world and create a valuable resource for everyone.We’re not going to tell you which vendors you should partner with- instead, we’re giving you the most comprehensive data set of e-learning products and vendors available, and the tools to make it useful.”

Who is Rustici Software?

Rustici Software creates products that simplify conforming with learning standards. Companies around the world from LMS providers to content publishers use Rustici’s products to solve the challenge of conforming to SCORM and AICC specifications.

Contact us here or visit to learn more.


In other news, Lectora has a new announcement, here is the press release:

Lectora Transforms e-Learning Authoring with a Brand New Interface and Design for an Enhanced User Experience
Free Upgrade Continues Lectora Leadership as
the World’s Most Powerful e-Learning Authoring Software
CINCINNATI – October 26, 2011 – Lectora®, widely known as the leader in e-Learning software for more than a decade, announces plans to release a completely redesigned, new user interface for its flagship e-Learning authoring software. With this new, improved user interface, Lectora authors will experience easier navigation and streamlined functionality, saving them both time and money.
Lectora pioneered full-featured e-Learning technology and continues its leadership in the e-Learning world as the most powerful authoring software on the market. Now, with this fully redesigned Lectora the possibilities are endless.
“We are excited to streamline and enhance the development process with an entirely new user experience in Lectora,” said John Blackmon, Senior Vice President of Authoring Products at Trivantis Corporation. “Users will experience better, faster and more powerful functionality from the moment they launch Lectora.”
In addition to the new, inventive interface, Lectora will also come with brand new features to provide authors with even more innovative ways to create robust and highly engaging e-Learning content. This new and improved Lectora will provide the complete e-Learning package for the development of sophisticated and interactive content.
“Backed by over a decade of experience in the creation of powerful e-Learning software, we remain dedicated to staying on the leading edge of innovative technologies while making development as easy as possible for our users,” said Peter Bray, Chief Marketing Officer at Trivantis Corporation. “The completely new, redesigned Lectora will provide intuitive functionality to make creating e-Learning content easier than ever.”
This newly designed Lectora unveils Summer 2012 and is offered free to all current Lectora users.

To join in on the private beta of the new version of Lectora, please sign up at

For more information about the Lectora line of e-Learning authoring products, please visit
About Lectora and Trivantis Corporation
Trivantis Corporation produces Lectora, the world’s leading e-Learning software, used by most Global 2000 companies. Lectora is sold in over 70 countries and is offered in six languages. Trivantis Corporation also develops Snap! by Lectora, the easy-to-use PowerPoint plug-in e-Learning software that rapidly converts PowerPoint to Flash. CourseMill learning management system and Custom Development Services are also included in the Trivantis family of products. The latest release by Trivantis now includes Flypaper, the leading Flash content creation platform that empowers programmers and non-programmers alike to create, edit, share, track and reuse high-impact Flash and video content. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trivantis Corporation also has offices in Boca Raton, Phoenix, Paris, London and Beijing. Trivantis, Lectora and CourseMill are trademarks of Trivantis Corporation.

In virtual world news, a new kid focused virtual 3D world has been launched. Here the info. I received via email. Check it out.

During the Term 3 Break and Schools Holiday, my son had a great time and really enjoyed experiencing KIVIWO 3D Web World. He thoroughly enjoyed designing and developing prims in the KIVIWO 3D Web World. He also had a great time recording and animating Kids Virtual Worlds and KIVIWO machinimas in the KIVIWO 3D Web World.

If you would like to have the KIVIWO guided tour with my son, please let me know. In the mean time, you can watch the KIVIWO YouTube Channel with the KIVIWO machinimas made by my son in the KIVIWO 3D Web World.
After watching the KIVIWO machinimas, which my 5th grade son recorded and animated in the last 10 days, you will appreciate the potential of the KIVIWO 3D Web World (I can not imagine what a 100 5th graders can make in a 100 days …).
Your support of the KIVIWO idea to give kids the opportunity to have 100% FREE “Kids Virtual World Real Life Education” and FREE Access to “Kids Virtual World Real Life eLearning 3D Place” would be much appreciated.

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