Fourth Summer 2012 Learning in 3D Class

We had a wonderful learning experience in this week’s class. We built models of the 3D learning process in the virtual world of Second Life under the careful watch of our host, Stylianos Mystakidis, it was great to have him help conduct the class and provide the students with an interactive exercise that included all four Macrostructures. Special thanks to Stylianos!!

Students working on recreating the model.

Close up view of the Archetype level of the 3D model.

Stylianos Mystakidis providing some directions to students as they work on the model.

Having experienced building a model in the 3D space of Second Life, how do you think the four Macrostructures of Experience, Connectedness, Agency and Exploration contributed to your overall experience in the learning exercise? How effective for learning was building the model in 3D?

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  1. Dan Laicha July 29, 2012

    Each of the four macrostructures was represented in the model building exericse. Actually putting the model together for the exercise helped to realize what the concept was that was really being put together. If the concept had simply been explained or detailed, I do not believe that it would have worked as well.

    In a 3D virtual world environment like Second Life, it is important that the learners be able to move things with their character to be able to learn. This can be more effective than simply learning a concept, as it can be visualized. I, for one, am a very visual learner, so this was a great way to do learning.

  2. James Carr July 28, 2012

    Building this in a 3D environment was very effective in the learning process because it engaged the learners in a group setting. I thought the space was designed well with the groups set up in their own corners and color coded. The experience was designed to be collaborative and to allow the members of the different groups to work together and produce a successful outcome. The period at the end where we met and discussed the project was part of that education that is helpful for comprehension.

  3. Abu Sheriff July 28, 2012

    The macrostructures of experience played a special role in the learning exercise. To me it was a tremendous contribution just understanding how each level builds upon the next. By understanding how all four levels were connected you had more clarity on how to make good descisions in building.Building the model in 3D was very effective because it transferred learning concepts from multiple dimensions.

  4. Dan White July 28, 2012

    The four Macrostructures of Experience, Connectedness, Agency, and Exploration contributed to the overall learning experience in various ways. First, experiencing the 3D representation of the model gave us a chance to visualize its’ design differently than before. This helped me identify how the various levels interrelate. Next adding the collaboration added a sense of consecutiveness and agency that we were all working on the project together with one unified goal. Additionally being able to build the Macrostructures model in 3D enabled us to explore both how the process worked and how the model functioned in an actual learning environment.

    Building the model in 3D space was very effective and I only had a few difficulties controlling and moving the objects. This exercise helped me visualize the model differently than a traditional 2D picture could have. The 3D model helped me visualize the model vertically and see how the various sections are built and rely on each other.

  5. Abdullah Albalawi July 27, 2012

    In this exercise I have experienced the four Macrostructures. First, I was a part of group so I participated with my teammates to do what were told to do. Second, I was able to do what I want and if there is something wrong, my teammates try to correct it kindly. Third, each one can explore and ask if there is something unclear. Fourth, each one had the ability to chose the group and to do whatever he/she wants.

    I think building module in 3D was taught effectively. We were divided into four groups, each group know what part should be done. Also, We worked with our instructor nicely so that was new thing to experience.

  6. Adam Snook July 26, 2012

    In developing a 3D model in second life, the four macrostructures were clearly achieved. First, the Experience itself was valuable. It was valuable because it allowed me the opportunity to interact with my classmates, instructor, guest, and the Second Life program in the completion of a common goal. Secondly, the Connectedness of the activities made me feel as a contributor to the common goal, not as only a spectator. I had the opportunity to be involved in the completion of the problem with my classmates. With Agency in mind, I sensed as though I was a part of a team working together. I felt like my role was important, and my ideas valuable. This created a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Finally, Exploration allowed me to identify the area, and make adjustments based on my surroundings. The activity was helpful, informative and unique in sense that it allowed me to construct visual models while working together with classmates to solve the goal. In my opinion the ability to learn material through interaction and experience is much higher than traditional instruction.

  7. Jill Dent July 26, 2012

    This was a great exercise that incorporated all four macrostructures. The exploration piece was engaged when trying to see what methods work best individually and as a team. When one thing did not work, another was tried. The sense of connectedness played a role here, because what one group member could do, another could not, and vice versa. I found that I was quick to do the lifting, while another team member waited on the platform to rearrange. Some of us also brought varying levels of experience to working and moving in a 3D world, which helped to shape the team. It was overall a great way to learn in 3D, as well as retain information about the content of what was being taught in a hands on manner.

  8. Sarah Kelly July 25, 2012

    During our lesson, I think that each of the Macrostructures were explored. Already having my avatar created beforehand touched upon the agency component. Connectedness was achieved by the interactivity with my classmates and our guest speaker during the lesson. We also got to explore the space that was created by moving about with our groups and seeing the 3D model we were to create. Finally, the experienced was enriched doing something – for my group, we had to place the archetypes in the correct spot and that was based on what other groups completed below us.
    Therefore, not only was it effective learning in terms of how to build a 3D model, but the “groups within a group” idea was utilized and executed well. This lesson fostered teamwork very well.

  9. Rachel Kaskie July 24, 2012

    All 4 Macrostructures were included in the learning exercise. Each person was able to operate their avatar to build something. Everyone had a role. Each person was able to explore. Each person experienced the ability to engage with each other. There were consequences that arose for some that allowed for teachable moments.

    Physically building the model was very effective for learning. This method was more effective for learning than just explaining the 4 Macrostructures orally. Learners are forced to be engaged in an activity like this. The more engaged one is, the more likely information will be understood and retained.

  10. Phebe Strzempek July 24, 2012

    Adding Experience, Connectedness, Agency and also Exploration to their model helped this exercise to be more meaningful, and also creative. It helped me to feel part of the process.
    Bulding the model in 3D helped me to see the things in detail, helped me to get hands on experience, and also experiencing it myself. Its very good for long term memory


  11. Travis Williams July 24, 2012

    The four macrostructures played a pivotal role in building our model in Second Life. It helped to make a connection on all levels as to what role I was to assume, how I was to interact with others, how I was to look for and implement items in our area in the model, and how fast and productive I was able to work. The 3D model building exercise was a very engaging one. It allowed students to become actively involved in the education process and forced them to keep up with the rest of the group. Studies have shown that hands-on, manipulation, and building are key elements for an effective learning environment and this fits the bill.

  12. Lisa H-Millard July 23, 2012

    I think the four Macrostructures contributed to the overall experience by using careful judgement in a group setting so you were’t interfering with your teammates progression while become vested in your contribution to the team. I felt the connectedness when one of the groups wasn’t quite finished and we could help them build. I felt a sense of helping and collaboration with others in the space. As for the exploration, I found it great to check out the correct model and try to match our model by flying around and on top of the models. Lastly, the experience of learning data and graphing in 3D was a unique experience I have never done before and found it interesting to put the pieces of the puzzle into a virtual space.

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