Game Teaches Life Saving Skills: Accidently

Screen Capture from America’s Army Game which Helped Save a Life.

The power of games for learning is that they can teach lessons that the learner doesn’t even realized she or he has learned until the time comes to apply those skills.

A player of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game( MMORPG)American’s Army was able to aid a victim because knowledge he learned from the game.

As the article states:

Paxton Galvanek, a twenty-eight year-old helped rescue two victims from an overturned SUV on the shoulder of a North Carolina interstate. As the first one on the scene, Galvanek safely removed both individuals from the smoking vehicle and properly assessed and treated their wounds, which included bruises, scrapes, head trauma and the loss of two fingers. His medical background? None – other than what he’s learned playing as a medic in the computer game America’s Army.

He credits his experience playing the game for teaching him how to handle himself in an emergency situation. Read the article for yourself at Gamer uses virtual training to save lives or read the Army’s version America’s Army Medic Training Helps Save a Life.

Games can create a virtual memory and provide real-life practice of real-life skills which can be applied outside of the game. What skills would you like to teach your employees or students that they could apply outside of a game and in a real life situation?

Thanks to K.R. For the link to the article.


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  1. Fiber Optic Cable January 21, 2008

    But i feel these games also make children aggressive .. what to do with that ?

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