Graphic Novels as Great Vehicle for Learning

Here are some interesting examples of using graphic novel (comic book format) for teaching different concepts and ideas. As superheros become more mainstream, the use of graphic novels for instruction is becoming more and more acceptable. (although acceptance is by no means universal).

I have seen several corporate and governmental organizations adopt graphic novels for learning and have seen successful results. Here is a neat web site with all kinds of “serious” graphic/comics to investigate.

One of my favorites is an old military comic created to help soldiers maintain their M16 weapons.

A really great link to comic style elearning can be found at the Rapid E-Learning Blog by clicking this link.

Also, Cathy Moore did a wonderful comic-type piece (The link to the actual example is gone but her article is good about the concept behind the piece related to the branching scenario concept).

Here is a really good article on the subject from Edutopia.

Reading with Pictures: Serious Learning Through Comics

And now for some “live-action” graphic novel content.

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  1. Akshay Anand August 7, 2015

    Thank you karl for sharing these great examples. It is hard to find good samples of novel learning applicable to real training solutions. These definitely could be great starting points for keeping the trainings engaging and interesting.

    Akshay Anand(Business Manager Zipboardco.)

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