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Avatar from ProtonMedia’s ProtoSphere which will be discussed today.

Today at 12:45 EST, I will presenting, along with Ron Burns of ProtonMedia a session titled Fostering Informal Learning in a 3D Learning Environment. It should be very interesting and a lot of fun. We will focus on how informal learning can be fostered in a 3D environment.

Also, next Tuesday Steve Wexler, the Director of Research and Emerging Technologies, of the e-Learning Guild will be conducting conducting two webinars along with Kevin Brown from Tableau Software. The first half of the webinar will show what people can do with the Guild’s Direct Data Access system (pretty cool stuff, especially if you love data.) The second half will show how people can use Tableau to analyze their own data.

This is a great chance for anyone not familiar with how the guild’s system works to see it in action.

People can sign up for the webinar here.

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