Irish Learning Alliance Visit

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate it enough to travel to see the Prime Minister of Ireland and hear about the Irish Learning Alliance.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to Ireland, instead I traveled with some friends up to New York to visit with the Irish Learning Alliance.

Tom, Michelle & Dave take a break from at the ILA learning session.(taken with my iPhone)

In addition to hanging out on the train and in New York with a great group of folks who are really doing some forward thinking about online learning, virtual worlds and knowledge media, I also was able to hear the the Prime Minister of Ireland, Brian Cowen speak.

The An Taoiseach of Ireland, Brian Cowen (taken with my iPhone).

The event was attended by learning leaders from KPMG, Diageo, UBS, Citi, CitiCards, RiskTrain, Deloitte, Astra Zeneca, Morgan Stanley, Tiffany and Sun Micro Systems. And the keynote was my co-author for Learning in 3D, Tony O’Driscoll (who was born in Ireland…the perfect keynote event and he did a great job!).

You can see Tony’s keynote slides and all the information from the meeting at the blog for the Irish Learning Alliance. You can access information from these speakers and subjects.

NetWORKed Learning – Redefining Learning in a World Gone Web
Dr. Tony O’Driscoll, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Informal Learning Becoming Formal
Al Johnson, Senior Advisor, Bersin & Associates

ILA ELITE 2009 – Tools for our Times
Jonny Parkes, Chairman, Irish Learning Alliance

The visit was on March 16th, one day before Saint Patricks Day. One of my most authentic St. Patrick’s days ever!! eLearning and St. Patrick’s day, a great combination!!

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  1. Karl Kapp March 30, 2009


    It was a lot of fun!! Hope we can travel to NY as see another prime minister in the future:)

  2. michelle March 29, 2009

    Karl, Love the photo. We really did have some thought provoking conversations and we had some fun too.

Karl Kapp
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