Keynoting in Vegas–Not the same as headlining but…

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me, I will be keynoting the Inforum Conference in Las Vegas. Inforum is the conference of the software company, Infor.

Infor is one of those “big software companies no one has ever heard about”…but you should check them out.

Infor is the world’s third largest business software company. We develop and acquire proven software products that have rich, built-in functionality. Then we make them better. We invest resources into product innovation and enhancement. We work hard to simplify and shorten implementation times. We enable our software, services, and support globally. And we provide more flexible buying options.

They are doing some really innovative work with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to provide a method of incrementally updating portions of your enterprise software. Being a former ERP software training/implementor, I find this stuff facinating because ERP upgrades were always a headache.

I will be speaking on how to teach, manage and train the gamers. My presentation is titled From Boomers to Gamers: Bridging the Manufacturing Knowledge Gap.


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