Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour: Success

By all accounts, the Learning in 3DBlog Book Tour was a resounding success. Books were sold, buzz was created, consulting and speaking engagements obtained and the collective conscious of the learning community was raised in the area of 3D virtual worlds for learning. So, first of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the tour and who followed the tour, we are so pleased with results and the enthusiasm surrounding the subject.

Here are some highlights, look for a Blog Book Tour Lesson’s Learned posting in the near future.

Tom Haskins of the Growing, Changing, Learning, Creating blog wrote a great entry Assessing blog book tours where he explains why blog book tours are so effective.

One unintended but really positive result of the tour is that it actually boosted traffic to the stops on the tour and then continued the flow of traffic.Performance Punctuated the blog of the development company Performance Development Group got a boost from the tour and when the followers of the tour saw all the great content they visits remained at a high level and have grown ever since.

Several times the book was ranked #1 in different Amazon categories.

We were also able to generate buzz through a Twitter hashtag #lrn3d and encouraging tweets about the book.

We created a Facebook page that has now over 500 fans.

And a group has created an awesome virtual book club to discuss the book. Click here to learn the details of that book club.

Stats for Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour during January 11 to February 22nd, 2010

  • 410 unique page views on Kapp Notes first day of blog book tour.
  • 660 books sold during tour.
  • 13 hardcover copies of the book sold directly from my cite via Amazon and 4 Kindle versions of the book sold directly from Kapp Notes blog.
  • 13,639 best overall Amazon rank
  • 147,281 life time rank in Amazon
  • 1100 books sold to date.
  • Ranked number 25 in Technorati,s list of blogs about “elearning”
  • Blogs actively participating in the tour
  • Over 500, number of fans on book’s Facebook page
  • 12,625 number of unique visitors to Kapp Notes during Learning in 3D blog book tour.
  • 9,723 unique visitors to Kapp Notes during the tour.
  • 743 visits from India and 6,428 from the United States.
  • 1 visit from Swaziland.
  • 305 views of the entry Learning in 3D Blog Book Store Starts Today

Don’t be left out, pick up your copy of the book today:

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