Learning in 3D Student Learning Archetype Video

Today, I received a video posted on YouTube created by one of my students that explains a learning archetype from my Learning in 3D Class. This summer one of the options of the machinimia assignment was to create a video based on a learning archetype. More videos will be coming soon.Enjoy.


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  1. Lidia Muircastle August 10, 2008

    Design students could explore Second Life observing 2D and 3D objects that are realistic and non realistic. There are so many great ways for learners to observe, and critically think about design using Second Life.

    Second Life is a gold mine for teaching and learning especially for the visual and performing arts. There are so many possibilities for instruction using Second Life in the areas of set, light, sound and costume design which is my area of specialization.

    I’m a gamer so the interface looks very familiar to me. However, the interface may be off putting to some educators. Let me tell you there’s more than meets the eye. The more tutorials and lesson plans that are developed may help spread awareness. The possibilities for using Second Life in education are limitless.

    I created a Machinima for the first time using Movie Maker entitled “Creating murals for your wall in Second Life.” I converted my file to a .wmv using Neptune.com which is free and fun to use. My video uploaded very quickly to these sites:
    You Tube http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=8e2d769272e3b0d4a3c0
    Teacher Tube http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=8e2d769272e3b0d4a3c0
    I want to use Second Life with my theater students.

    I found a great educational video game called “Stop Disasters!” created by the London based company “player three” http://www.playerthree.net/
    The purpose is to save lives by installing safe guards in defense and housing against several disasters that occur in different parts of the world a tsunami, earthquake, wild fire, flood and hurricane.

    The graphics and sounds are great. It is a very informative game that can be played on different levels.

    These educational video games address a variety of learning styles. The demo versions online are nice because educators can see if they are a good fit for their students and/or the curriculum.

    If you are in education Second Life and educational video games are two outstanding ways to integrate technology in the curriculum worth exploring for your students.

Karl Kapp
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