Meeting the Guys from Unity 3D

Currently I am working with a group of educators and others on the early stages of creating an educational video game to teach middle school students concepts related to engineering. The project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Specifically, we are attempting to teach in an adventure game concepts in the areas of Science, Math, Engineering and Technology (STEM). The game opens in the wilderness of Alaska and involves the requirement of creating a shelter to teach concepts of heat flow and engineering design.

So as of now, we are in search of a game engine to serve as the platform for the development of the game as we work in parallel on our game design document (critical item) and 3D assets.

As part of our effort, we got together with the folks from Unity 3D to see what they had to offer and whether or not they’d be interested in some type of partnership with our developers. We are really impressed with the folks and with the Unity 3D game engine. Lots to consider as we look at some of what Unity 3D can do.

The gentlemen in the black shirts are the Unity 3D folks. From left to right are Sam Kalman, Tom Robertson of Whitebox Learning, Amir Ebrahimi, myself and David Helgason, CEO and Co-Founder in the back and Michael Hacker from Hofstra and Tom Higgins Product Evangelist in the front.

It was a great meeting and good discussions.

More about the game and development process as it progresses.

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  1. Doug Holton September 25, 2008

    Why not use a free, open source game engine. For example there is jmonkeyengine for the java platform.

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