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Yesterday, I presented with Tony O’Driscoll at the DevLearn event virtually. Assisting us expertly was Matt Monahan my graduate assistant who has been helping me with many Second life tasks. Neither Tony or I could make it in person so we presented virtually. Which, of course, was a perfect use of Second Life.

We provided a little tour with Brent Schlenker discussing the uses of Second Life for providing learning solutions.

I also kicked off my Basics of Second Life workshop as part of the Live and Online Learning series. It was a great class. The students ranged from no experience to a great deal of experience (like so many classes).

We opened the class with information about Second Life, we talked about the hype and reality of the software and we then entered the world and learned to communicate, fly and establish landmarks. I hope the learners had as much fun as I did, it is a great group and I look forward to the next session.

Discussion in Second Life

The thing I like about Second Life is that I learn so much every time I teach a class, it keeps it exciting. For example, this time when the learners started to fly, they were in a dome so they couldn’t fly too high, they just flew around the dome. Other times, I have taught people to fly in an open space and “off they went!” So, if you are teaching the basics of Second Life, it might be good to teach the art of flying within a relatively closed space until everyone gets the hang of it. The closed space allows you to keep everyone together and maintains some form of order and keeps the new learners from getting frustrated.

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  1. Brent Schlenker November 16, 2007

    Hi Karl! I wish you could have been at DevLearn but it was fun cruising around 2L with you during the synchronous symposium. the attendees were very impressed.
    I’d love to sit in on your class some time. Shoot me an email the next time they meet.

  2. Ryan Kudasik November 8, 2007

    Interesting, but probably nothing new to you, my roommate told me that he attended church in SL last Sunday morning.

Karl Kapp
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