My TEDxNavesink Talk Video has Been Released!!

My TEDx Talk has now been posted. What a wonderful experience I had with all the great people at TEDxNavesink. It was so much fun to spend the day with such knowledgeable and insightful individuals.

Preparing for the TEDx talk, I leveraged some stories and ideas I had been thinking about for some time. I was nervous for the talk, I had gone through a write up of the script, Skype rehearsal and several version of the talk.

So, I had some nerves going into it. However, I can tell you when I got the first audience reaction, the first laugh, it really helped to put me more at ease. The TEDx talk was a great growth experience for me and a fun opportunity. Thanks to all the great folks at TEDxNavesink.

Check out other great videos from the TEDxNavesink event here.

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