NCTT Summer Workshop

Every summer the NCTT organization does a great summer workshop for educators in 2-year, high school, vocational schools and other schools about technology in the area of Information and Communication Technologies.

This year the workshop was kicked off by Gordon Snyder Jr. the Executive Director / Principal Investigator of the NCTT center. Check out his blog for great information about Information and Communication Technologies…if you want to be up-to-date on the technology…his blog is the place to visit.

He gave some great statistics about the use of the internet around the world. The stat that I found most interesting was that land line use is actually declining by 9.7% per year. Soon young people will be asking “Mom, Dad, is it true you had something called a ‘Land Line’ that is so old fashion.”

I was fortunate enough to keynote the event and lead with a presentation on the topic of…”The Gamer Generation.” The audience was receptive and it generated a lot of great discussions. These are people that are on the front lines of dealing with the techno-natives and are constantly looking for new ways to provide learning opportunities for these kids who have grown up playing video games, surfing the web and creating content on sites like MySpace and YouTube. Thurday we are raffling off 40 copies (signed) of the book.

Gordon, Mike Qaissaunee and Mohammad Shanehsaz then gave a great presentation on Web 2.0 Tools. Here is a picture of Mike. They really had some interesting insights into how the tools can be used in an educational setting to help the upcoming generation understand technical concepts and ideas.


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  1. Kim July 11, 2007

    good job!

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