New Whitepaper Released: Collaboration in Virtual Worlds

Check out my newest whitepaper titled Compliant Collaboration & Learning in Virtual Immersive Environments

The whitepaper describes how life science companies are effectively leveraging virtual worlds to successfully facilitate collaboration and training.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the content:

Three-dimensional virtual immersive environments created on a computer and rendered in three-dimensions allow Medical Science Liasons (MSLs), Key Opinion Leaders , trainers, sales directors and others to interact with items shown on the computer and each other just as they would in a physical space.

The ability to fully immerse life science professionals in a safe and controlled environment for meetings, collaboration and training as is tremendous. Just as flight simulator technology helps pilots avoid errors, retrace incorrect reactions and prepare for worst case scenarios, 3D virtual immersive environments serve a similar role in the life science industry. VIEs can prepare doctors and patients for new medical trials, introduce patients and doctors to KOLs and provide intense training that changes behavior in an environment that can be recorded and monitored for compliance.

Virtual immersive environments provide an opportunity for collaboration across the globe, social networking between MSLs and KOLs and a method to promote compliance and adherence to regulations through practice in a realistic but safe environment. They also allow for KOL to meet with people from all over the globe without requiring travel. The reach of the KOLs can be expanded because more time is spent discussing the results of studies and the science of healing as opposed to traveling.

In short, VIEs enable Life Science companies to interact with customers such as healthcare provider and even patients to gain customer satisfaction, market research, teach about new products and provide information about their products in a cost effective manner.

Three-dimensional virtual environments are the future—a future that is here today as explained in this whitepaper.

Download the paper and check it out!

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