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One of the things that I love about the Internet (Cue the violins) is the life that presentations and information after the live presentation is over and begins to fade from memory. Because we now have blogs, wikis, podcasting and Web 2.0 the presentations can add value long after the presenter has “left the building.”

This sharing of information and its longer shelf-life is exciting and reminds me of an old saying.

If I have a penny and you have a penny and we exchange pennies, then we each have a penny. If you have a thought and I have a thought and we exchange thoughts, then we each have two thoughts and in some cases three because thoughts are cumulative and build upon one another.

In that spirit here are some resourses from some recent presentations I’ve done where the content is living beyond the presentation.

1) My slides from my Penn State Presentation on Virtual Worlds.

Why3 D2 Penn State Presentation

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: second life)

2) Bart took some great notes on the presentation. You can see them at his blog entry Karl Kapp Visit.

3) I presented virtually at the Eduverse symposium held in De Balie, Amsterdam. The host of the event posted dozens of presentation videos from live and virtual presentations. In addition to my presentation, there are presentations by David Williamson Shaffer from Epistemic Games, a Conversation with Philip Rosedale, a panel discussion and a presentation by IBM’s Chuck Hamilton. Good presentations worth checking out.

4) Here is another entry on the presentation along with a great video done by a summer student in my Learning in 3D Class. Dr Kapp at Heritage Hall at University Park. Click around the blog a bit as well. Good stuff. Check out the Welcome Page and click on the gentleman you meet.

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