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Check out this well researched article by Robin Robinson titled Let the Games Begin. She interviewed a number of experts in pharma and computer gaming and has developed a comprehensive look at the past, present and future use of video games as they relate to training in the pharmauetical industry.

To read the article go to the article abstract section of PharmaVoice then scroll to the bottom and click on the button labeled Download PDF and a pdf of the article will appear in your browser for you to read.

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  1. play the money game February 1, 2008

    Your article has given great info.

    Since the beginning of internet, online games have been popular. Enthusiasts have embraced everything from online gambling to the Sims and have spent hours playing games either alone or in virtual communities. Sports enthusiasts have carved out their own niche on the Web, with fantasy football and baseball leagues and all types of sports-related online games.

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