Online Learning Maker Faire Pre-Session Downloads

On Wednesday of this week, I am conducting with 6 other folks an exciting event at Online Learning. We are doing a Maker Faire of elearning development. Below describes the Faire and the resources we are going to use.

The participants will download the trial software for each software we are going to discuss and get to experiment for 20 minutes on a small project and then move to the next station. Six stations in all. It promises to be chaotic and fun!!

Here are the resources we are using.

The Maker Faire is a “Bring Your Own Device” event. Bring your PC or Apple device.

Also, we will be using PowerPoint to create a timer and take notes right on our slides. Here is a list of the software we are going to use in the Maker Faire.

You can download either Codebaby or Telligami (works on Android Phone, iPhone or iPad, not MAC ) depending on your machine type.

Codebaby (PC)

Telligami (iPhone, Android, iPad)



Also, we need about a 30 second audio clip of you welcoming a class. The clip can be saved in any audio recording software as long as you save as a MP3 file or .wav file.

If you don’t have audio software, you can download Audacity for free and us that software.


The event consists of 6 stations. At each station we will spend 20 minutes learning about the software and creating a small instructional piece and then saving it on a thumb drive (we will supply) and then you’ll have something to take home from the event.

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