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Just recently finished presenting in London on the topic of Learning Organizations which described how organistions need to focus on knowledge transfer between the older, more mature workforce and the new gamer generation that learns differently and has different learning and workforce expectations. Here are some interesting facts about the gamer generation in Europe.

In Europe, the number of broadband connections has increased 136% over the last 12 months, with Spain, France and the Netherlands leading the pack.

The pool of workers ages 34 to 44 is expected to shrink: 19% in the United Kingdom, 27% in Germany and 9% in Italy.

A survey of London accountants found that one in ten did not envision
working past age 50.

World wide, video game sales will expand to $56 billion in 2008, more than double the $23 billion sold in 2003.

Here is an online game created in France to teach its citizens the realities of trying to balance a budget. In the game you are tasked with the process of creating and executing a budget for the country. The idea was to show how difficult and complex the process can be. Check it out at http://www.cyber-budget.fr/

Europe has the added difficulting in transfering knowledge because they are constantly dealing with multiple langauages, multiple cultures and multiple countries.

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