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The tape of my television appearance on CBS affiliate WYOU is now available, courtesy of WYOU with editing assistance from Matt Monahan. You can view a large screen or small screen version. The tape starts with some “man on the street” interviews, some info about e-learning, an exchange between the anchor and weather man and then goes into the interview.

I have to say I thought that the anchor Eric Scheiner was well prepared and had actually read the entire first chapter of the book. Plus the entire story and slant made e-learning much more main stream…imagine a newscast talking about e-learning…who’d a thunk?

I provided a bunch of information and even some sample questions but Eric had his own questions prepared and even had the first chapter highlighted with questions he wanted to ask.

I made a couple of mistakes during the interview. At one point, I meant to say “Albert Einstein didn’t memorize anything he could look up.” If you listen, you’ll notice I butchered that quote and the discussion of placing seafood directly or indirectly on ice was not as smooth as it could have been. I did get some really interesting questions from the callers. The first gentleman, Tom was entertaining. And my wife said, “I hope none of your son’s teachers are listening to the broadcast.” If you wait until near the end, you’ll hear why.

I brought all the games and controllers set up in the background and several copies of Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning which they did a great job of showing and promoting in a subtle way. I gave the copies to the producer a production assistant and to Eric. The B-Roll footage was all from the station, it didn’t always pertain to what I was speaking about but I guess it worked.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to more in the future.

Besides interesting videos and online music there are lots of ways to have fun with stuff online, especially if you can find some sort of online game that you really like and can play from anywhere. Then when it’s time to get down to business and turn off the game you can place orders to save money on textbooks online as well.

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  1. teach81 December 14, 2007

    Dr. Kapp,

    Oh Carmen Sandiego. I love that one. 🙂

    Hmm… I wonder it was on purpose or if they were just clueless about the game since your voice over was talking about getting the family involed. lol

    Anyway congrats. on an over-all great story explaining ISD for your brothers in the trenchs!

    Keep on Fightin’ the fight!

    – A grunt stuck in the trench.

  2. Karl Kapp December 14, 2007

    Yes, not sure where they got that B-Roll footage but Leisure Suit Larry is certainly not on my educational radar…but it does provide funny moment…actually they show a good deal of Larry in the bar and such…thus the bad reputation of games…alas if only they could have shown Carmen.

  3. teach81 December 14, 2007

    Funny moment in the video… leisure suite larry stock footage.

    I was just wondering, after this story have you had to explain the educational value of leisure suite larry? If not I would love to hear your answer on that one. 🙂

  4. Stan Yann December 10, 2007

    Dr. Kapp,

    During the broadcast you brought up an interesting point that WYOU should focus on. The point was that schools no longer prepare students for college life and life in general. As you said, memorizing dates and facts does not make kids into analytical thinkers. Schools only teach kids to take and pass tests since passing a test,instead of actual knowledge, has become a measure of a school’s success. Then teachers and parents are surprised when students fail in life.

Karl Kapp
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