Screening of an Innovative Film Locally

If you are in or around the Bloomsburg area….You might be interested in what is below:

I’m happy to announce our screening of a new documentary that takes audiences into three innovative public schools where students are taught HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

The film is titled RE:Thinking.  Here’s the website:

Screening Date:  Wednesday, August 2nd, 10am-12pm, Greenly Center, Bloomsburg PA.

Tickets for our premiere event are being made available free to our audience.  We have 100 tickets to distribute.

The Visionary Group will be leading a discussion prior to and following the film.

Who Should Attend: 

    • Anyone who cares about education
    • School Leaders
    • Teachers
    • School Board Members
    • Staff, Parents, Students
    • Community Members
    • Business and Industry Leaders and Owners
    • Education Majors
    • Pre-Service Teachers
    • Substitute Teachers
    • Coaches
    • Educational Non-Profit Staff
    • Educational Program Developers (K-12 and Corporate)
    • Intermediate Unit Employees.

Each audience member will bring a unique perspective to this conversation.  

What This Film is NOT: 

RE:Thinking is not a film about unrealized dreams.  The schools featured in this film are public schools run by innovative thinkers who have lead transformations of their schools to support the whole child through THINKING (metacognition to be exact).

RE:Thinking is not a film about another educational methodology to adopt in order to be compliant.  Thinking is universal, we all think.  When we take time to think about ourthinking, and become metacognitive, we LEARN.

RE:Thinking is not a film suggesting we leave all educational standards behind and create utopian environments.  Educational standards are here and have been for some time.  But, we can go beyond the standards. How?  By getting kids THINKING.

RE:Thinking is not a film for few to see and the masses to hear about third-hand.  RE:Thinking is a film for everyone.  And, it’s not just a film, it’s a MOVEMENT.

We’re encouraging (asking really) each B&E member to invite 2-3 colleagues, friends or family to join them on August 2nd.  I’ve attached a small flyer if anyone would like to post this event on their social media sites or send a a personal invitation to a friend.  Also, our social media hashtag is #rethinkingmovie.

Tickets can be claimed by visiting:

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