Second Life Making an Announcement Tomorrow (actually today)?

Here is a little email intercept I received from an unnamed source (ok, it’s from Snickers’ Doodles in her post Linden Lab to announce Viewer 2 beta tomorrow which she received in-world from Pink Linden.

Hello SL Merchants:

We wanted to give you an early heads-up on a big piece of news because we greatly value our relationship with you and this community. Tomorrow, at SL Pro! ( Tom Hale, our Chief Product Officer will announce the availability of the next generation of Second Life viewers—Viewer 2 Beta. It combines an easy browser-like experience with shared media capabilities–giving all Second Life Residents a new option to choose from among Viewer 1.23 and other approved third-party viewers. We are also going to announce Second Life Shared Media(tm), a standard capability in Viewer 2, that makes sharing standard Web-based media and content in Second Life easy, and enables content creators to place Web pages, video, Flash content, and other web media, on any surface in Second Life.

So, keep your eyes peeled to the Second Life Blog ( and once the news is out—go download the software and let us know what you think in the Viewer 2 Forums. And, if you Twitter, then use the #SLViewer2 hash tag.

Looking forward to a very exciting day tomorrow!


So tomorrow, you can download the viewer. Interesting in that I think this makes the viewer similar to business-focused virtual worlds which allow for the placing of documents (spreadsheets, MS Word documents, etc) on a surface so that groups of employees can collaborate around a specific media asset. I am assuming that since one can place a web page on any surface, placing a MS Word Document or spreadsheet is as simple (I’ll need to check that out.)

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